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Monday, October 10, 2011

Kids love campfires, water, but why?

Kids love campfires and throwing sticks into water. I’m not sure why. But, they do. It is like an instinct. It’s like part of nature.
Somebody probably has studied why they are attracted to campfires as well as tossing stuff into water. Everything else seems to have been studied. However, if anyone has studied kids and campfires or skicks and water, I’ve never seen one. 
Most people enjoying sitting by a campfire, but tossing things -- other than fishing lures -- in the water seems to be a natural kid thing.
This past weekend, I enjoyed watching grandson Denver build two campfires from scratch. No lighter fluid or starters. He is a Boy Scout and practicing for his Firecrafter award. And while Denver built the fires, his sister Molly also enjoyed them. 
She also was into tossing sticks and small pebbles into the lake.
These activities are fun, but do require adult supervision (grandpa) for the younger ones. Both water and fire can be dangerous. Well, obviously.
Recently, another granddaughter, Meredith, was with me when we built a fire for Smores. She is only three. No one threw anything into the lake, which might have served as a guide and attracted her attention.  It just seemed natural for her at just three years of age to pickup twigs and toss them into the water.
Not that all this means anything. It’s just an observation from an old guy who used to enjoy skipping flat stones at the creek as well as relaxing by a campfire.

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