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Something Fishy
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Monday, October 31, 2011

Did Halloween camping ghost need a step ladder?

It was fitting for Halloween. Several weeks ago neighbor Scott Wahl power washed my fifth wheel RV located at Hickory Hills Campground. He used his step ladder for the cleaning.
It was a pleasant fall day. Ideal for the project.
As Scott finished the project, he noticed damage to the rear of the camper. A limb had fallen and poked a hole in the roof. As we prepared to leave the campground, our thoughts shifted to getting the roof repaired before rains scheduled in a couple days were to arrive.
As a result, we left the campground forgetting the ladder. At home we realized the ladder was missing. 
I drove back to the campground the next day and the ladder was gone. I asked several campers about it. I also checked with the campground folks. No one had seen it. Had been sure the ladder would be sitting waiting for me. Fortunately at the campground, no one ever bothers anyone’s property.
I visited the RV several times over the next couple of weeks. Still no ladder or word of its disappearance.
I drove to the camper Halloween weekend to do some closeup work anticipating the upcoming winter, freezing weather. The ladder had somehow reappeared set up in exactly the place near a slideout, just where it had been left several weeks before.
It probably was the result of someone who borrowed it, remembered it, and returned it as they also were closing up their RV. Or, maybe it was the Halloween ghost of Hickory Hills.
Anyway, the ladder is safely back and stored in Scott’s tool shed.

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