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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Indiana DNR seeks bass reg change

        The Indiana Natural Resources Commission will conduct two public hearings on proposed changes to the black bass fishing rule, one at 6 p.m. Oct. 11 in Spencer at McCormick’s Creek State Park, the other on Oct. 17 in Peru . 
The term “black bass” refers to smallmouth bass, largemouth bass and spotted bass.
  The DNR has proposed changes that will replace the minimum size limit of 12 inches for black bass taken from rivers or streams with a requirement that black bass taken from rivers and streams must be less than 12 inches long or more than 15 inches long, with not more than two being greater than 15 inches long. The bag limit of five in aggregate per day will remain the same.
  The DNR says it believes that this proposed slot limit will afford increased protection, particularly for smallmouth bass populations, and may increase the quality of smallmouth bass fishing opportunities in certain streams. 
Allowing some harvest of bass less than 12 inches is aimed at preventing “stockpiling” of small bass, and the resulting slow growth that occurs. It would also allow the take of spotted bass, which are plentiful in some streams, compete directly with smallmouth bass, and seldom grow larger than 12 inches.

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