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Something Fishy
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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Girls catch fish on first cast

Granddaughters Molly (left) and Kennedy caught
 a bluegill on the first cast.

About the only thing more fun for an angler than catching fish is helping a youngster catch fish. Last weekend, again I had that fun.
Granddaughters Molly and Kennedy were visiting for several days. They had announced in advance they wanted to fish. I was prepared with red worms and nightcrawlers.
Two rods and reels were at ready. I knew I wouldn’t need one. My attention was directed at assisting the girls catch bluegill or whatever decided to bite. Three chairs also were ready on the lake bank, under the shade of the big poplar tree.
The very first cast by Molly was successful. She hooked a feisty bluegill, and Kennedy was happy to pose with her sister and the fish in a photo.
Fortunately, the fish were cooperative and kept the girls and grandpa busy until supper time.
There’s nothing like it.

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