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Monday, December 14, 2015

Thoughts on gun carry law, safety

Recent terrorism attacks in this country and abroad have ramped up emotions, questions, and interest in guns.
Not all of the attacks have been with guns, but those are the ones that seem to garner most of the attention. There are those who hope, want, believe or wish passing legislation would end the violence. Don’t we all, but that isn’t the reality.
Yes, there may be laws and regulations that can be tweaked and make a bit tougher for bad guys to get guns, but for the most part such legislation just make some folks feel better, feel like they are doing something positive.
Up front, I am a supporter of the “right to bear arms”. I have been a hunter all my life and am retired military. But when I sat down at my old laptop, the purpose wasn’t to start a debate of guns vs. no guns. My goal was to offer some information about carrying a gun.
There is no question that recent events have prompted much interest from people who are or think they are interested in carrying a weapon. The interest has been particularly strong among females.
I myself have had thoughts about carrying a weapon. I own guns, but have chosen not to carry one. My personal choice.
A number of people have raised the question about whether or not to obtain a weapon and carry it.
Some words written by fellow outdoor writer Glenn Wheeler provide a much better response than my old mind has produced.
Glenn is an EMT, and owner of Wheeler Photography and Media Group, Harrison, Arkansas. He has been putting words about the outdoors, including hunting and shooting, for many years.
Glenn graciously consented for me to pass along his words of the subject of handgun carry.
“Lately. I have been getting quite a few texts, calls and Facebook messages asking about what handgun a person should get, what ammo is best, how to best carry a firearm, etc.
“I appreciate the questions and try to answer each as best I can. But, I'll put this out here, too.
“Carrying a firearm is a right as long as you qualify. It is also a responsibility. Don't just get a gun and start carrying it. Have a knowledgeable person (or more than one, independent of one another) help you choose the right gun and learn how to safely handle it.
“Get good training. I don't mean Uncle Joe in the back yard with a box of ammo, I mean a good, qualified instructor. 
“Go beyond getting a Concealed Carry permit, get additional training. Set aside some money for that purpose in addition to what you spend on your gun, ammo, holster, etc.
“Also, if you make the decision to carry...Carry. Don't think "well, I'm just running to town, I won't need it." If you are going to carry, carry any time you can.
“It is our responsibility to protect ourselves and our loved ones. If you feel you want to live up to that responsibility, then do so. But, do so in the right way so you don't put yourselves and others in additional jeopardy and give the anti gunners more "ammo" to use against us. Carry responsibly, carry safely and carry always.”
To own a gun or not own a gun is your right. To carry a gun or not carry a gun also is your right. But if you choose to carry, do it right. 

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