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Monday, November 30, 2015

Trip to Fisherman's Candy Store results in new rod and reel

It doesn’t take a lot to make some outdoor folks happy. It doesn’t take a stringer of big fish. Sometimes just a little lure casting is enough.
And when casting, if a fish connects with the lure, that’s a plus. And if the angler is successful in landing the fish, that’s another plus.
Recently, after arriving from our Northern abode to our little central Florida home at Lake Rosalie, I developed a need for casting. My boat wasn’t ready for the water. It had been “summerized”. In the north you winterize a boat, but in the south you summerize before you head north for the warm weather months.
Numerous rods and reels sit in the corner, but most are for crappie. However, I selected a casting rod and reel and headed to the dock. Several casts were made, but the rod and reel were really designed for bass. Seems I needed a new lighter weight rod and reel. 
A few days later on a trip to town (Lake Wales), a visit to the Fisherman’s Candy Store was in order. The fishing store is a true treasure. It is a great independent fishing store. There aren’t many like it remaining. 
When it comes to fishing, if the Candy Store doesn’t have it, you really, really don’t need it.
Like a kid in a candy store, I looked through the fishing candy, a hundred or more rod and reel outfits. An inexpensive Zebco outfit caught my eye. It felt good. It was a six-foot rod with a different reel.
There are dozens, hundreds, thousands of new things, gizmos, colors for fishermen. This reel was new to me, but likely has been around for a white. It is called a Zebco QuickCast and claims to be “the worlds only spinning reel that allows you to cast without ever touching the line.”
Is it a gimmick? Does it work? Is it something I need? Well, the fishing gear caught this old fisherman. The outfit was very reasonably priced, and felt good in my hand. Yes, the rig hooked me and my billfold.
At home, I rigged the rod and reel and added a lure, a blue and silver A.C. Shiner, an excellent bass lure.
A.C. Shiners have been made for more than 45 years in Ohio. A friend told me about them several years ago and I ordered several via the internet. They are a bit expensive, but they work.
       They are good lures for bass, stripers, muskie, and all other sport fish. All A.C. Shiners lures are handmade and painted from carefully selected balsa or cedar wood and requires 22 to 39 separate hand operations. It takes approximately ten days to complete each lure. 
The company says “A. C. Shiner” stands for Action Certified Shiner because each lure is individually tested in water and adjusted to produce the best action.
Anyway, I walked down to the dock with the new rod and reel and an attached A.C. Shiner. It took a couple casts to get comfortable tossing the lure without touching the line using the QuickCast.
Cast number five resulted in a strike and catch of a two-to-three pound largemouth. So, I can give high marks to the QuickCast. Frankly, I still through habit tend to touch the line, but the reel works.
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BACON DEER BURGER - My friend Patrick “Gomer” Robinson is an avid hunter and outdoorsman from Pikeville, Tennessee. He passed along a recipe for bacon deer burger.
“My recipe for deer bacon burger is twenty five pounds of deer meat to be ground, ten pounds of bacon ends and pieces, chopped into small pieces, mixed in with the deer meat. grind and pack,” says Gomer.
“The bacon adds enough fat to keep burger moist and not falling apart and also makes the entire burger taste like bacon”, adds Patrick.

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  1. If u want the entire burger to taste like bacon why doesn't he just eat bacon?