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Monday, October 26, 2015

Column about Tulip Trestle draws numerous comments from readers

Visitors enjoying the view while waiting to see
a train cross the Tulip Trestle.

Recently, I wrote a piece about the Tulip Trestle in Eastern Greene County, near the  small Indiana town of Solsberry.
For years, I have heard about a huge railroad trestle in Southwestern Indiana. Numerous people have told me about taking a jaunt to see the huge bridge, which seems a bit out of place in Greene County. It looks more like something one might see across a large gorge somewhere in the mountains.
Anyway, a month or so ago, wife, Phyllis and family dog, Missy and I set out for a very enjoyable trip to view the trestle as well as the Yoho General Store in Solsberry. (It serves very good food.)
Following our visit, I wrote a column wrote my newspaper column about the outing and excellent lunch at the Yoho, and put it here on my blog as well.
I received several comments from readers, and thought I should post the following two, which readers may find of interest.
Cheryl Keen Helms wrote related to the part of the column about a marriage proposal made years ago at the bridge. “She said no to the proposal by the way. It was Marvin Hash who asked.”
Cheryl went on to write,  “We own the property the trestle spans and bought it from his grand parents. After 38 years living next to it I never get tired of capturing a new image. Check out my Facebook page Image Artist Cheryl Helms. Message me for studio hours or by appointment.”
Cheryl apparently makes attractive prints of the historic trestle as well as other art work.
In another response, Joyce Watkins West wrote, “I was born in Newark and the Watkins family always enjoyed going to the viaduct My mom went to Solsberry High S school. She was a Buffaloe.”
The high school is no longer. It fell to to school consolidation, however memories of some of its strong basketball teams linger.
Greene County now has an excellent site, complete with platform and picnic tables, to view the trestle and wait for a possible train sighting. A trip to the trestle and the YoHo General Store is well worthwhile.

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