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Monday, September 28, 2015

Ed course required for young hunters

Deer season is here in Kentucky. Archery season opened Sept. 5 and continues through Jan. 28 of next year. Many other fall hunting seasons also are already underway, or will be starting soon.
Deer crossbow season for deer opens Oct. 1, muzzleloader Oct. 17, a modern gun starts Nov. 14 across the state.
For Kentucky hunting, completion of a hunter education course is required for all hunters with the exceptions of some older folks. 
The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources' Hunter Education regulation requires anyone born on or after Jan, 1, 1975, and age 12 or older, to have a hunter education course completion card in their possession while hunting, as well as the appropriate Kentucky hunting license. 
Courses are offered in many locations and some of the course can be completed online via the internet
The student training course includes study in hunter ethics, wildlife conservation and identification, field care of game, first aid, firearm safety, archery and muzzleloading. 
The last session of the course will include a written test and a live fire exercise. All materials including firearms and ammunition are provided at no charge to the student. 
Information on dates and locations of courses is available on the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources web site, and also is available from local fish and wildlife officers, or by calling800-858-1549.

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