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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Spring vs. Fall; spring probably is the winner and fall second

Flowering bushes like this one point to a new season.

Spring vs. Fall. It’s a tossup. Which one is the best season?
Spring brings with it a sense of new, a feeling of freshness. Spring flowers are spectacular. Hardy flowers like crocus and daffodils are like me. They can hardly wait till spring. They will poke their buds and blooms through late snows just to give us hope that a new season is arriving.
The birds also announce the arrival of a new season. You can hear it in their song. There is a noticeable, pleasant difference between the aviary spring chorus than the few chirps you hear on a cold, winter morning. In addition there are the new voices of birds making their way back from southern climates.
Grass begins to green (yes, I know that leads to the dreaded mowing). Buds on trees get larger and the turn a brighter red, and suddenly begin to explode into a canopy of green.
It’s time for crappie fishing, and with the coming of the dogwood blossom, catching suckers (fish) on the riffles. It’s also morel mushroom season There is nothing quite as spectacular about the wildflowers in a spring woods. As you begin hunting morels in late March and continue for the next several weeks, it is fun to observe the woods change from winter brown to the spectacular spring colors as different flowers bloom.
On the other hand, fall is a great time of the year. The crisp, cool days of autumn are a welcome relief from summer’s heat. It also is a great time for fishing and spending time in the woods. Catfish gorge themselves in late summer and early fall, and there is no better time to catch a big cat.
As clear, cool weather approaches, Nature’s paint brush goes to work painting a magnificent landscape. The beauty of autumn is unequaled in nature. Spending time on a wooded trail in October is hard to beat. 
Camping is a treat as most of the bugs of late spring and summer have departed. Campfires are not only a joy to watch, they can help repel the evening chill as youngsters toast marshmallows to make smores. (Most everyone is familiar with smores, but just in case you don’t. They are hot, toasted marshmallows and Hershey’s chocolate made into a sandwich by two Graham crackers on the outside.)
Fall also means hunting season. As the leaves turn, it is a time for hunting doves, fall turkeys, and scouting for deer. And time should be reserved for gathering nuts and persimmons. It also is a time for wonderful fall festivals with plenty fun things to see and do, and good food.
Spring and fall seasons are a tossup for top billing in my book, but one thing slightly tips the scale to spring. It isn’t a problem with fall, it is what follows. I’m really not a fan of winter. It has some good qualities like the first pretty snow, and a cup of hot cider by the fireplace, however in my book, it just can’t compete with spring and fall.

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