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Monday, April 20, 2015

Sunday drive to Lake Placid, FL, and more than 40 beautiful murals

Part of a large Lake Placid, FL, mural depicting a cattle drive.

     Went for a drive Sunday afternoon for lunch and to view murals painted on the side of buildings.
The trip took us to Lake Placid, FL, a small town in south-central Florida. There are approximately 40 murals painted on buildings throughout the downtown area. The murals depict a large variety of subjects.
All paintings are large, and some are huge. One very large mural is of a cattle drive. It is truly impressive.
Lake Placid is surrounded by lakes and is quite scenic. It apparently is named for the famous Lake Placid in New York. There are numerous interesting shops, and plenty of places to eat, although a couple we sought are closed on Sunday.

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