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Friday, March 6, 2015

Surely winter will end; then turkey season soon will arrive

Surely this tough winter will come to an end soon. Hopefully, an abrupt end, and then on to spring. Ah, yes, morel mushrooms, crappie, and turkey season.
Turkey season will arrive soon, and before the season opener, scouting should be on a hunter’s agenda.
While it might not be the best time to be trekking through the woods searching for turkeys, keep your eyes open while on a later winter hike, or when you're driving around territory close to your favorite hunting spots suggests the National Wild Turkey Federation. 
The late winter flocks that you see will break apart in the spring, but it's a good way to learn what birds are in your area and give you a starting point for on-the-ground scouting in early spring.
Indiana’s youth turkey hunting weekend is April 18-19, and the regular season is April 22 to May 10.
Kentucky’s youth hunting weekend is just a month away on April 4-5. The regular spring turkey season is April 18 to May 10.
Besides scouting for birds and preparing gear for hunting trips, one should think about their health.
According to the NWTF, hunters spend months and sometimes years planning their dream trips, all the while never thinking about the physical excursions the hunt might require. Poor fitness and undiagnosed health problems can combine into a disaster. 
The NWTF suggests a visit to your doctor to ensure you're healthy enough for the trip, and then start training. Walking is one of the best forms of exercise, and is often required when pursuing wild turkeys. 
I used to start my turkey season with hunts with my friend Carl Hunter in the hills near Lake of the Ozarks. Carl, a retired track coach, was kind and waited for me to huff and puff up some of the hills.
It may be too late to get into top shape for the upcoming season, but some walking can help prepare a hunter for the woods.

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