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Something Fishy
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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Robert Hayman and a mystery catfish

Robert Hayman with mystery fish.
     My friend Robert Hayman, a retired postal employee, from near Layfayette, IN, caught an interesting fish this morning at Lake Rosalie in central Florida.
     The fish appears to be from the catfish family, but looks different. It appears to have a catfish head with whiskers, however it has red eyes. It's backbone seems to be a bit more limber and the fins are different.
     This picture of Robert and the fish isn't great, but may show the fish reasonably well that some of my angler friends may help identify it. This fish probably weighs a couple pounds.
      The fish looks a bit like a dog fish or bowfin, and some guys on the dock think it is a walking catfish.
      Any ideas????

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