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Sunday, December 21, 2014

2014 has raced buy; still some time for last minute Christmas shopping

Where has the year gone? How can Christmas be just a few days away?
Time is running out for Christmas gifts suggestions, but here are some thoughts from this old guy with a white beard, and I’m not Santa.
I’ve always thought it is easy to find gifts for outdoors people, and a recent news release prepared by my friend Tammy Sapp at Bass Pro Shops, and formerly public relations vice president at the National Wild Turkey Federation, echoed some of my previous thoughts.
“For some folks, getting that perfect Christmas gift for a friend or family member can be a chore. The presents themselves may make your eyes roll to the back of your head and the shopping venue may not inspire either. 
“However, shopping for Christmas gifts for those who enjoy camping, fishing, boating, hunting, target shooting or other outdoor activity is not only easier, it’s actually a lot of fun,” wrote Tammy. 
Here’s why:
1) There is no documented evidence of a hunter, angler, boater, target shooter or camper who has everything. There are approximately a gazillion ways to enjoy the outdoors and the specialized gear to do that numbers in the jillions of gazillions. Suffice to say you’ll never run out of gift ideas. Ever.
2) If you’re an outdoor enthusiast yourself, shopping for other outdoor lovers is awesome when you apply the mathematical “one for you, one for me” gifting rule. Fun!
3) Your favorite hunter or angler will appreciate a gift that the average person would shun. Even presents that smell bad makes them happy. A bottle of deer pee? Yes, bring it on! Stinkbait for catfish? Please and thank you!
4) This may sound a little self-serving but gift giving to the outdoor lover can be a gateway to an amazing product testing gig. For example, give a friend some goose decoys, and you could find yourself in a layout blind waiting for some honkers to drop in. The gift of assorted crankbaits could translate into a day on the water helping the recipient fill the live well. What’s not to love?”
Tammy also listed a Bass Pro site where Christmas gift ideas can be found:
LOCAL SHOPS -- Local stores that carry outdoor equipment also are fun and good places to shop. People at these stores usually know what is popular and what is being sought by outdoor people in the local area.
KDFWR CERTIFICATE -- Consider a gift certificate from the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. Available online at, it functions much like a gift card. Recipients have five years from the date of purchase to redeem it online for licenses and permits, Kentucky Afield magazine subscriptions, Otter Creek Outdoor Recreation Area passes or summer camp registration fees.
For the avid hunter-angler, the Sportsman’s license offers a considerable savings compared to purchasing licenses and permits separately. It bundles a combination hunting and fishing license, statewide deer permit, spring and fall turkey permits, state migratory game bird-waterfowl permit and a trout permit at a cost of $95. 
A Junior Sportsman’s license for Kentucky residents ages 12-15 includes a youth hunting license, two junior deer permits and two junior turkey permits for $30. The new license year starts March 1, 2015.
While visiting Kentucky Fish and Wildlife’s online home, check out the Kentucky Afield store. There, you can find some of the same apparel worn on the television show hosted by Tim Farmer, and find information if you’re interested in purchasing past episodes. The deer processing DVD is good for new and experienced deer hunters alike.
STOCKING STUFFERS -- Fishing lures, pocket knives, disposable hand warmers, small flashlights, and many others items you will find at your local fishing and hunting store will make good stocking stuffers.
BEST GIFT -- Give of your time and talent to a child, parent, friend. Just give them a card entitling them to a free day of hunting or fishing with you. It could be a weekend where you make the arrangements, or just a day at a local farm pond. Time and friendship is one of the best and most valuable gifts you can give.

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