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Saturday, August 23, 2014

New Indiana DNR course helps deer hunters get started in sport

Deer hunters who get into the sport are fortunate if they have someone--maybe a relative or friend--who can teach them the basics of whitetail hunting. 
However, people who think they might want to take up deer hunting, may find it intimating to start without a mentor. That’s the primary reason the Indiana Department of Natural Resources has started a new program called Hunt, Fish & Eat.
A new four session free class starts Wednesday, Aug. 27 in Bloomington. It’s a bit of a drive from far southern Indiana, but could be well worth it for folks who want to learn about whitetail hunting,
Registration is open for the free DNR program that teaches participants how to hunt white-tailed deer in Indiana. The program is a four-session series, with an optional fifth session. Sessions are once a week in the evenings and offer hands-on learning in a safe environment.
Hunt, Fish, Eat helps new hunters ages 18 and older to improve their self-reliance skills and to learn to harvest a delicious source of fresh, local meat.
The sessions will focus on laws and regulations, firearms and safety, archery, locating a hunting spot, tracking and field dressing your harvest and handling and preparing your venison for the table.
Each session includes an opportunity to sample venison recipes from instructors and examine a variety of hunting gear and resources.
Participants should attend all sessions. All equipment is provided. A hunting license is not needed. Register for the Bloomington sessions at

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