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Something Fishy
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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Boy Scouts rescue Ann Curry

        Had to post this story about the Boy Scouts.  Seems lots of people want to "knock" this wonderful organization today.
        Up front, I'm pro Scouts. I was a Cub, Boy Scout, and Sea Scout. Mother was a den mother. Wife was a den mother. I was a Cub leader, and Boy Scout Neighborhood commissioner. So, the following story caught my eye.

        According to Scouting Magazine, a troop of New Jersey Boy Scouts on a Philmont camp training exercise through Harriman State Park in New York last month rescued NBC journalist Ann Curry after she broke her ankle while hiking. 
Scoutmaster Rick Jurgens, a firefighter and EMT, double-checked their work and found they made a textbook splint. The young men of Troop 368 then built a makeshift stretcher and carried the Emmy Award-winning newswoman out of the woods.
        Good going guys!

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