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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Fried spinach; yes, I tried it

       Enjoying a good meal is something I do too frequently. Anyone can look at me and see I’ve never missed many trips to the table.
I was raised as a meat and potato kind-of-guy. As I grew older, I expanded my “likes” and became more adventurous. However, I’m far from an Andrew Zimmer (Travel Channel) bug and intestine eating person.
Earlier this week, I added a new “try” to my list.
While eating at the Crazy Fish in Lake Wales. FL., fried spinach was listed on the extensive seafood menu. It caught my eye. I had to try a side dish of the green stuff.
I like a good spinach salad, but I’ve never been into  eating it cooked.
Our waitress was very pleasant and helpful, so I asked her about the fried spinach menu item.
“It’s really good,” she offered. “It just sort of melts in your mouth.”
She sold me. I wanted to try it.
When it arrived at the table, I was quick to sample the dark green leaves. It was tasty, and yes, it did melt in your mouth. It was quite good.
I have no idea how it was deep fried and still retained it’s shape, but it did.
Glad I tried it, and I would order it again.

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