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Something Fishy
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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Indiana DNR seeks regulation input

Hoosiers have until the end of February to provide input on proposed regulations, and they also can suggest future regulations.
The Indiana Department of Natural Resources  Division of Fish & Wildlife wants to hear ideas on fishing, hunting,  trapping and other fish and wildlife related regulations in Indiana, including special permits/
  Until Feb. 28, the public can use a convenient online form to contribute ideas and provide input on issues the DNR has identified for consideration, according to information provided by the DNR.
  The form is at, at the “Got INput?” box near the middle of the page.
  “Got INput?” allows the public to comment on ideas put forward by the DNR Division of Fish & Wildlife as well as requests for rule changes from citizen petitions.
  The program also allows members of the public to propose their own ideas on any fishing, hunting or trapping topic.
  “This is an opportunity for people to let us know what changes they would like us to consider,” said Gregg McCollam, assistant director of the Division of Fish & Wildlife. “This process also allows us to get much-needed feedback on issues that the division is in interested in moving forward.”

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  1. I am worried that a 25 limit on blue gills will cause many of the undesirable fish to be put back in. Pumpkinseed, Green sunfish, mud bass, warmouth etc. will stunt and cross bread the true blue gill population; as well compete for food. These should not be included in any blue gill bag limit. Thanks, Gordon