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Something Fishy
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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Bottle brush tree a little late blooming this year, but now coming on strong

Bottle brush tree blooms are beautiful and look much like and old-fashion bottle brush.

My Florida bottle brush tree is blooming. It had a few blooms earlier, but now is coming on strong.
The bottle brush actually is a callistemon. It is a tropical tree or shrub and gets its name from the flowers which are a beautiful red and look like a cylindrical brush similar to the type in the good old days we used to clean a milk or other bottle. (I doubt anyone cleans a bottle these days.)
There are several varieties of the bottle brush, including several of a weeping nature.
I have one outside my window at my little Florida place at Lake Rosalie.
Even when not blooming, the birds really seem to enjoy the evergreen nature throughout the year.

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