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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

As hunting seasons wind down, now time to thank landowners

As hunting seasons come to a close and a new year is underway, now is a good time to thank the landowner where you hunt, fish, or hike and enjoy the outdoors.
Nearly all of the land in Kentucky, Indiana is privately owned, so a significant amount of the state’s outdoor recreation takes place on land owned by an individual or business.
Recently, I came across a story about the New Hampshire Fish & Game Department’s Landowner Relations Program.
Lindsay Webb, who heads up the New Hampshire program said now is an important time to extend thanks to landowners who share access to their land. And, the same applies here where we are dependent on private landowners for much of our recreation.
"Access to private land is a privilege provided to us through the generosity of the landowner," says Webb. "...we need to make sure that these landowners really know how much you appreciate them allowing you access to hunt, fish or watch wildlife on their property." 
Webb went on to point out a few ways sportsmen and women can show their appreciation to landowners:
* Visit the landowner to express your appreciation, and, if possible, share some of your harvest or a favorite wildlife photograph from your time on their property.
* Send a personal note or holiday card to the landowner, thanking them for sharing their land.
* Send a gift basket, or gift certificate to a local restaurant.
* Help them protect their property by documenting and reporting suspicious activities.
* Offer to help with outdoor tasks, or to clean up and properly dispose of illegally dumped materials left on their property.
Or, just offer to donate a day or two to help the landowner make wildlife improvements to the property.
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LATE GOOSE HUNTS --There are two late goose hunts available in Indiana: a late Canada goose zone season from Feb. 1 – 15,  in 30 counties (primarily in the northern part of the state), and a light goose conservation order from Feb. 1 – March 31 statewide (except the late Canada goose zone, which is open for light geese Feb. 16 – March 31.
Greene and Sullivan are amongst the closest late Canada goose counties to southern Indiana
This season is open on Canada geese only.
You must have an Indiana hunting license, Indiana waterfowl stamp, federal waterfowl stamp, and a HIP number to participate.
Shooting hours are from one-half hour before sunrise to sunset.
Regular waterfowl regulations apply. It is illegal to take Canada geese using electronic callers, shotguns capable of holding more than three shells, or to shoot after sunset.
The bag limit for this season is 5 Canada geese per day, with a possession limit of 10.
Report any banded geese taken. You may report these bands by calling toll-free 1-800-327-BAND, or online at
Something new this year, no special  permit is needed for the late Canada Goose season, and birds no longer need to be checked.

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