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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Outdoor people are easy when it comes to Christmas shopping

`Picking a gift for an outdoors person on your Christmas list is easy, and it doesn’t have to be expensive.

Here it is almost Christmas, however there still are a few shopping days left to come up with that special gift for any outdoors person on your list.
The outdoors people on your Christmas list probably are the easiest to satisfy when it comes to giving a gift, but in case you are having some difficulty, here are some ideas.
Remember, an outdoors person can never have too many of most things. You can never have too many fishing  rods and reels, too many lures, too many duck calls, too many camo shirts, too many of almost any outdoor gadget or product.
This year I posted online a request for Christmas gift suggestions, and received several. Here’s some ideas for inexpensive items most any outdoors person would enjoy:
SOURDOUGH BOOK --  After decades of writing about sourdough and conducting sourdough baking seminars across America and Canada, Soc Clay, a legendary photojournalist and member of the National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame and The Legends of the Outdoors Hall of Fame, as well as being the Poet Laureate of Kentucky, has written one of the  first all sourdough baking recipe books. It would make a dandy Christmas present..
This unique book contains great stories about sourdough, its history in American and Canadian exploration, plus some of the author’s and Alaskan Legend, Sam Roberson’s historic collections of authentic baking recipes straight out of the gold camps of Alaska and the Yukon.
    Soc Clay’s Mad Trapper Sourdough Baking recipe book is a rare publication, perhaps the only title dedicated completely to sourdough, a leavening agent whose history dates back some six-thousand years. Sourdough provided the only leavening ingredient in bake goods until processed yeast cultures were harnessed during the 1900s. 
The price of the book is $14.95, plus $3.50 shipping and handling from The Catchall Press • 4240 Minmor Drive • Cincinnati, OH 45217. Order onlline at
UNIQUE STOCKING STUFFER -- A unique stocking stuffer for bass fishermen is offered by Lurenet. The gift  contains nine great bass lures for $19.99. That's a little more than two bucks a bait, and there are two XCalibur lures in the offer, costing more than six dollars each no matter where you get them. The gift pack is available from
ANOTHER STUFFER -- Real Magic Line Treatment is a perfect stocking stuffer. This product increases casting distance while reducing line-memory. This line-memory problem seems worse in colder weather. Great timing. Available at most retailers for less than $10.
INDIANA PARK annual passes cost $40, and gets you and a carload of your friends into any of Indiana's 32 state park properties every day of the year. Disney charges a lot more for one person for one day. Disney is a fantasy world. DNR state parks are the real thing.
FISHING LICENSE -- Buy someone a fishing or hunting license. There is a combination hunting and fishing license, however it available only to Indiana residents. Licenses are available anywhere hunting and fishing licenses are sold, including on line
You can purchase an Indiana gift certificate or many certificates for licenses all at one time. What a perfect gift for that person in your life that has all the hunting, trapping, and fishing equipment they need. Check the Indiana DNR website. 
BEST GIFT - Give of your time and talent to a child, parent, and friend. Just give them a card entitling them to a free day of hunting or fishing with you. It could be a weekend where you make the arrangements, or just a day at a local farm pond. Time and friendship is one of the best and most valuable gifts you can give.
Have a great Christmas everyone, everywhere.

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