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Something Fishy
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Friday, September 14, 2012

Photo of beautiful sunset can bring joy, and also save fond memories

Sunset at Cedars Resort on Central Lake, MI

Last evening after dinner, it was time to take my rat terrier Tyler for a walk on the grounds of Cedars Resort, located on the Antrim Chain of Lakes in northern Michigan.
During the day, it had rained and the temperature began to drop, but as the day began to fade, the sunset became brilliant. As the sun dropped over the hill on the far side of the lake, I thought I should have my camera. It was beautiful. But, I figured by the time I walked the short distance to the car for a camera, it would be too late for a good picture. When the sun sets, the light rapidly disappears.
But, I decided to give it a shot, and headed for the car. Tyler couldn’t figure out why his normal walk was being disrupted for a quick trip to the auto.
To my surprise, when I arrived back at my viewing spot of the sunset, which was bracketed between a number of handsome cedar trees, the sunset had turned even more golden in appearance.
I snapped about a half dozen shots with my old Nikon digital as the sunlight left for another day. Several of the resulting shots looked as though they had been shot through a filter, but they weren’t. I was just lucky.
One thing about photography I learned long ago, is take a lot of pictures. If you take enough, you often will get a shot you like.

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