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Something Fishy
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Monday, August 6, 2012

LTF lures provide exciting fishing action for bass and crappie

One of the perks of being an outdoor writer is from time-to-time, manufacturers send me free lures to try.
A number of months ago, a box arrived by mail from Lake Fork Trophy Lures of Emory, TX. Inside, there was a wide variety of soft plastic worms and small jig-types, presumably aimed at crappie.
I intended to contact someone with the company to learn more about the baits, but we never connected. The box sat among the other mess in my writing room.
A few days ago, late in the evening, I tied one of the jig lures onto the light line of my ultra-light rig, and walked to the lake behind the house. It was hot and the water low. I didn’t expect any action. The third cast, I landed a nice, but fairly small bass. Then I had several other hits and landed a bluegill before heading back to the house.
Last evening, I thought I would make a couple more casts. I had hits on my first three casts, and about five minutes later a large bass inhaled the small jig. It peeled off line, and made several more runs in front of me. I knew the four-pound test wasn’t going to bring in the fish. It didn’t. But, I had fun.
Now, I want to try some additionall LTF  lures, and learn more about them. I’m not sure why they work so well, but I hope to find out. That will make a future column.

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