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Friday, March 16, 2012

Grandpa has fun boat trip with granddaughters on Lake Rosalie


Photo by David Fields
Grandpa Phil Junker gives granddaughters, Meredith (back) and Allison a boatinglesson on Lake Rosalie at the Harbor RV Resort & Marina in Florida.

        It was supposed to be a short, fun boat ride for the granddaughters. It was kind of a do-over after a storm shortened a ride the previous day. But, the ride turned into something more, something a bit special.
In every column, in every story I write I try to include at least one little tidbit of knowledge a reader might not have previously known. I’m not always successful, but I try.
And given an opportunity around young folks, I try to include a “teaching moment”. I was never a teacher, but my wife, Phyllis was, and I learned from her the importance of adding a little something extra to an experience. Down in Cajun Country they call it, “lagniappe”.
While in Florida, I had the opportunity to take me granddaughters, Meredith and Allison Fields, ages two and nearly four, for a ride in my fishing boat. Parents Michelle and David also were along. 
Unfortunately, storm clouds and wind forced us off Lake Rosalie. We arrived back in the marina just ahead of a brief, but heavy rainstorm.
We decided to try it again the next day. We had a nice trip with the girls, especially Meredith, asking lots of questions about everything from a wide variety of birds to those about the boat. How do you explain to a four-year-old why the motor requires gasoline? Explaining a boat paddle was easier.
As we cruised the south end of the lake, the wind again started to gain strength, but not at a dangerous level. However the girls expressed they were a bit chilly, but when I offered them a chance to “drive” the boat, they forgot about the chill, and both wanted to steer us toward the marina at the same time.
The girls loved steering the old 17-foot fishing boat. They were young captains learning about fishing boats. (Of course, grandpa maintained a tight grip on the steering wheel) even though they didn’t realize it.
Meredith and Allison had fun and learned a bit about boating. Grandpa had just as much fun, and maybe more.
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